Sunday, May 10, 2009

Herbal for Chocolate

While attending coklat on 14th Feb ago, i've an opportunity to taste lavender choc [since my partner that time don't like milk choc and Dr. Rahimah ask her to try dark choc add some lavender herb...how lucky i am..sbb lavender to from France]

That was the last time i taste lavender with choc..nak tempah daripada Dr. Rahimah pun her herbal choc range tu asyik tak teringat..Dalam masa yang sama i keep surfing nak cari where i could find lavender, hoping i could buy online ...[since hard to find it in M'sia, mmg saya sgt suka eventho macam bau2 sabun gitu..]

At last yesterday i managed to get it...yeayyyyy!!! sangat suka..i'l also get another two more herd instead lavender ; raspberry leaf [advisable taken as tea] and rosehip [ni makan gitu je kot]..

To anyone yang nak kirim any of this herb boleh buzz me and i try to get it for u...nnt i'll check again if i could manage to get other herbs...But according to Dr. Rahimah [chocolate Guru] biasanya herb and spice hanya diminati oleh auntie2 n uncle2 shaja...:p

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