Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't throw your chocs

A simple butter cake can be improvised by adding some buttermilk... topped by LKM milk choc ganache w simple strawberry garnish..

It's quite some time i had rested from tempering chocolate activity.. since i had shortage of chocs supply..It's quite hard for me to go to Lembaga Koko Malaysia to buy the chocs for they only sell it during office hours..

I have several blocks in the fridge but i think it won't turn into nice praline since i have seen so much sugar bloom on the surface of the blocks.. The sugar bloom appeared if only the chocs was exposed to a high humidity environment for so long... But don't worry, the blocks are not totally damaged anyway.. it could be transformed to this kind generous ganache ..

Ain't the cake gorgeous with the sugar bloom choc ganache?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Macaroons wedding favor

6 pieces Chocolate ganache macaroons in yellow hard box (deco with ribbon) : RM10.50
or 6 pieces Chocolate ganache macaroons in soft box : RM8.50

Whenever seeing the macarons or macaroons turned well, we might say it's worth waiting..

enquiries are welcome..
orders definitely..:)
email us nutaizaf@gmail.com or call us 013-6076706

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Termometer Digital

Digital Thermometer (temperature range 50 -300 degree celcius)
Harga : RM 50.00 ( termasuk pengeposan)

Sesetengah makanan amat mementingkan kawalan suhu.. Terutamanya coklat, macaroon dan marshmallows... Tanpa termometer anda pasti meneka-neka suhunya, betul tak caranya...  Kalau nak lebih tepat, boleh la dapatkan termometer digital ni ye..:)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Comot pun takpe sebab sedap :)

Anda harus comot menikmati Chocolate Cheese Tart dari Chocville... :)
RM35  for 25 pcs
(also available in other flavour..^_^ )
call or sms us to order  - 013 6076706 :)

 Fresh mulberry ( growth in front our house) cheese tart...syiok!!!

Class update

Baking class online available.
Email nutaizaf@gmail.com or whatsapp 0136076706 for further info