Sunday, October 11, 2009

Class is back!!!

We'r still in mood of Syawal..but don't worry classes are open at any time of weekend..^_^.. Today class was attended my old fwen during my matriculation college and also her housemate

Laila and Abby in the house....!!!!!

Wat we did during class????
(Apa yang kami lakukan sepanjang kelas??)
  • Defination of chocolate (Pengertian coklat dari segi istilah pemakanan)
  • Introduction to the type of chocolate (Pengenalan jenis-jenis coklat)
  • What is couverture and compound? (Apa itu 'couverture' dan 'compound'?)
  • How to make ganache and how to improvise the recipe? (B/mana membuat ganache dan mengubah resipi)
  • How to make our own Kinder Bueno? (B/mana membuat coklat seperti Kinder Bueno?)
  • Where to get worth buying of ingredients and equipment? (Dimana mendapatkan sumber bahan dan peralatan dengan harga yang berpatutan)
All the answer could be found at Chocville ^_^.. call me for any enquiries at 0127147126.. or email me nutaizaf[at]gmail[dot]com

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