Monday, June 8, 2009

Class for Johorean esp BATUPAHATIAN

Saya sedang merancang untuk hold a class in my hometown in July [ since June was already full every weekend]..Anyone who insist to attend in Batu Pahat, give me your name in this thread.. The class will be on after 4 confirm registeration.

The price is RM250 per pax [all equiptment during class is provided by the owner of the 'academia'.. Note and approximately 50pcs choc are all taken away by u when the class ended, pls bring all big tupperware where else tertinggall la choc tu..hehe]

The modul of class as i mention in previous entry about choc making and plus we tell you where you can source all the ingredients and equipment.

Suggested date either 4th of July 2009 or 11th of July 2009.. So you all have ample time to practice and list the orders for Hari Raya [huhu i can't imagine myself doing the orders in Ramadhan with all those tempting chocs...huhu]..

Anyway people might say choc it just melting the half done choc and pour into the mould only,but there are some science facts of choc should be considered...[ huh....science people always like this]

p/s: anyway this this 14th June, class for k.Ainul was postpone to next week [21st June 09]..kepada sesiapa yang nak attend this week leh buzz me before this Thursday.. tq

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